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*Face-to-Face Mental Health Education Programs *Parenting Support Services


DURING THIS TIME, PARENTING CONSULTATIONS ARE PROVIDED VIA ZOOM (or Face-to-Face).  Manuals and Tip Sheets are posted out for Zoom Consultations.


PND (PERINATAL DEPRESSION) – This is my Signature Talk and I present it Free of Charge as a Community Service.  As a survivor of PND, I have had an interest in it for over 30 years.

If your organisation would like a free presentation on PND, please contact me on 0407 885 219.


In a time when we have all been challenged with extra stresses, Good Health and Parenting presents a one-day face-to-face Stress Management and Mental Health Workshop.

This interesting and interactive, educational workshop, explains the science behind stress and its links to mental illness.

Stress management techniques are discussed and details of many of the common mental illnesses, examined.

Along with another highly experienced Trainer and Assessor, we deliver this workshop with passion and humour.

Focussing on good stress management and boosting positive mental health, this workshop will set you up to maintain good physical and mental health over the long term.

The Workshop is quite flexible and can be modified e.g. a half day instead of a full day. If your organisation is interested in doing the Workshop or you would like more information about it, please contact me on 0407 885 219.


I can present on various health and wellbeing topics such as ‘Weight Loss Battles’, ‘Working toward a Strong Marriage’, and ‘Grandparenting’. If your organisation would like a particular presentation on a health or wellbeing topic, I can develop and present if for you. Please contact me on 0407 885 219 if I can help you with a Presentation.


I offer two services to parents.  Firstly, a one-on-one consultation program which involves up to 4 sessions over 4 – 6 weeks. This is called Primary Care Triple P and is aimed at parents of children aged 0 – 12 years with mild to moderate behaviour problems. This is a private and confidential, non-judgemental and personalised service.  Fees depend on whether you are on a HCC or pension, or whether you pay and book up front for the 4 sessions. The standard fee is $80 per session

The second service is called Group Triple P and is normally an 8 week course consisting of 6 two hour face-to-face small group classes, followed by two weekly telephone consultations, but when provided by ZOOM, is covered in 5 X 2 hour sessions and 2 follow-up telephone calls.  It is also designed for parents of children aged 0 – 12 years. To learn the full Triple P Program via ZOOM or face-to-face, costs $300 unless you have an HCC, pension or are in financial difficulty. *Please give me a call if you would like to use my service but have concerns about the cost. Payment Plans available.

NEWSFLASH – Online Triple P for Victorians is now funded by the Victorian Government. Ring me for more information.

GIFT VOUCHERS for Expectant Parents/ Grandparents


Along with the parenting and child behaviour assessments that are undertaken for the Primary Care and Group Triple P, I undertake a general health assessment of my clients with a view to providing a holistic service. I will provide information and if required, I will make suggestions regarding referral for you or your child.

Debra Landini

Registered Nurse

Presenter (Mental Health)

Accredited Triple P Provider

Phone : 0407 885 219
PO Box 23 Ringwood Vic 3134

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