CALLING ALL EXPECTANT FIRST TIME PARENTS! I have experience teaching expectant first time parents, and it has been unanimous that the experience is a very enjoyable and rewarding one, both for me, and the parents involved.  It’s never too early to start learning parenting skills, especially as Triple P aims to prevent as well as treat behaviour problems.  When I teach Triple P to expectant parents, I offer a well rounded or holistic service, discussing many of the issues involved in becoming parents, and provide as much or as little advice as you may be seeking.

Learning Triple P before your baby is born, gives you the opportunity to be prepared for the typical behaviour issues that many children develop, but it especially allows you to start with good (“parenting”) habits rather than needing to learn new habits when your children are older and you’ve slipped into poor (“parenting”) actions.

As parents, our main influence on our parenting “style” is our parents, and for a multitude of reasons, our parents may not have done an adequate job parenting us. Often I find parents express the desire to raise their children differently than they were raised.  Triple P allows this, supplying the information required about providing assertive discipline rather than aggressive or passive, keeping our children safely and happily engaged, developing a loving relationship with our children, and much more.

Triple P also informs new parents about the need to look after themselves as parents. In other words, learning Triple P involves learning about getting your needs met so that you can be a happy, healthy parent, and so that your relationships with your partner and others  remains positive. 


I want to let you know why I am running Good Health and Parenting. Whilst it is partly due to my desire to use the broad knowledge I have gained over the last 38 years, from starting my nursing career, my life experience as a mother and carer of my grandchildren, it is largely due to the confidence I have in the Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).

Triple P has exciting results and my aim is to make the Program available to as many parents as I can (hence my reduced costs).  I am not alone in my belief that it should be considered an essential for parents. Not only parents whose children have behaviour issues but all parents as Triple P aims to prevent as well as resolve behaviour issues and emotional problems.

I must ask you to consider the following question: can you afford to do nothing but still expect your child’s behaviour to remain “okay” or to change? Triple P is an easy model to learn over a short amount of time, for long term results.

Choosing to learn Triple P allows you to be an informed, proactive parent as it has been developed in Australia over 35 years – that’s a lot of research, and hence a lot of evidence has been accumulated that it works!  Learning Triple P or being guided by an Accredited Triple P Provider like myself gives you the opportunity to have a more peaceful home life, improving your quality of life, your partners and also your child’s. YOU DESERVE TO ENJOY PARENTING!

The positive feedback I get from parents I work with, drives me to continue to offer my services and to work hard to make them affordable such as with discounts and interest free payment plans. It’s a win-win situation. You, the parent, gets the best value for money, I gain a great deal of satisfaction and your child is raised with patience and gentleness.

That’s why I do it…


Debra Landini

Registered Nurse

Presenter (Mental Health)

Accredited Triple P Provider

Phone : 0407 885 219
PO Box 23 Ringwood Vic 3134

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