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My name is Debra Landini.   I graduated in 1984 as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) and have spent the last three and a half decades working in various areas of nursing, community services and teaching.

In 2006 I was excited to become an Accredited Triple P Provider qualifying me to assist parents in what is the most important yet possibly the most difficult job they have, parenting their children. (I also completed more training with Triple P in 2019).

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is an evidence based parenting program designed by the University of Queensland over the past 35 years, and runs in more than 25 countries around the world. It aims to prevent as well as resolve child behaviour problems.

My 35 years of professional experience and my training has prepared me well for my role as an Accredited Triple P Provider, as did my own journey through motherhood.

I have taught at TAFEs, private RTOs, in private practice and currently hold a Certificate IV in Community Services Work.

I have held positions in a wide variety of areas such as school nursing, mental health roles and community development. I have a Certificate IV in Community Services Work as well as a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and I am a Mental Health First Aider.

Apart from supporting parents using Triple P, I also give public presentations on health and wellbeing topics.  My Signature Talk is on Perinatal/Postnatal Depression. I give this talk free of charge as a Community Service.  I suffered PND when I had my daughter and a few years later, founded and ran a support group for women suffering with PND.

Other topics I cover include mental health, weight loss battles and working towards a successful marriage.  I enjoy spending time with family, caring for my young grandchildren and I am currently writing non-fiction books with a view to publishing the first in 2020.



Along with the parenting and child behaviour assessments that are undertaken for the Primary Care and Group Triple P, I undertake a general health assessment of my clients with a view to providing a holistic service. I will provide information and if required, I will make suggestions regarding referral for you or your child.

Debra Landini

Registered Nurse

Presenter (Mental Health)

Accredited Triple P Provider

Phone : 0407 885 219
PO Box 23 Ringwood Vic 3134

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