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My name is Debra Landini.  With 40 years’ experience in Nursing, Training and Community Services, I “wear many hats”. As a Division 1 Registered Nurse with a broad range of experience in areas such as aged care, school nursing and mental health, I offer a holistic service to my clients where I provide extensive assessment and caring guidance.

I divide my time between one-on-one work with expectant parents and parents of 0 – 12 year olds (using the Triple P Program – Positive Parenting Program); and presenting on topics such as PND (Perinatal Depression), Stress Management and Mental Health as well as other health topics, and I teach a variety of health topics to disability workers and other members of the public.

Also, I care for my two young grandchildren part-time, and am writing non-fiction books, the first on ‘Nursing and Allied Health Careers’ is ready for publication, and the second on ‘Mental Health self-care’, is well on the way.


Along with the parenting and child behaviour assessments that are undertaken for the Primary Care and Group Triple P, I undertake a general health assessment of my clients with a view to providing a holistic service. I will provide information and if required, I will make suggestions regarding referral for you or your child.

Debra Landini

Registered Nurse

Presenter (Mental Health)

Accredited Triple P Provider

Phone : 0407 885 219
PO Box 23 Ringwood Vic 3134

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