I want to let you know why I am running Good Health and Parenting. Whilst it is partly due to my desire to use the broad knowledge I have gained over the last 38 years, from starting my nursing career, my life experience as a mother and carer of my grandchildren, it is largely due to the confidence I have in the Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).

Triple P has exciting results and my aim is to make the Program available to as many parents as I can (hence my reduced costs).  I am not alone in my belief that it should be considered an essential for parents. Not only parents whose children have behaviour issues but all parents as Triple P aims to prevent as well as resolve behaviour issues and emotional problems.

I must ask you to consider the following question: can you afford to do nothing but still expect your child’s behaviour to remain “okay” or to change? Triple P is an easy model to learn over a short amount of time, for long term results.

Choosing to learn Triple P allows you to be an informed, proactive parent as it has been developed in Australia over 35 years – that’s a lot of research, and hence a lot of evidence has been accumulated that it works!  Learning Triple P or being guided by an Accredited Triple P Provider like myself gives you the opportunity to have a more peaceful home life, improving your quality of life, your partners and also your child’s. YOU DESERVE TO ENJOY PARENTING!

The positive feedback I get from parents I work with, drives me to continue to offer my services and to work hard to make them affordable such as with discounts and interest free payment plans. It’s a win-win situation. You, the parent, gets the best value for money, I gain a great deal of satisfaction and your child is raised with patience and gentleness.

That’s why I do it…


Debra Landini

Registered Nurse

Presenter (Mental Health)

Accredited Triple P Provider

Phone : 0407 885 219
PO Box 23 Ringwood Vic 3134

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